Special Educational Needs

When it comes to Special Educational Needs (SEN), it is absolutely crucial that you find top quality supply teachers to ensure your pupils get the best possible education. At Red Box Teacher Recruitment Ltd, we understand the importance of matching up the right supply teachers with the right schools, and we know that this is particularly important where children with special needs are concerned.

We are able to provide SEN supply teachers to schools across London at primary level, and all of our teachers have undergone rigorous checks to make sure they are suitable and safe. Our SEN teachers are trained to work with children with extra requirements, which is very important to ensure they have the right level of support at all times.

If you are teacher specialising in SEN, we will be able to find you a placement in one of our vibrant, diverse schools where you can thrive and flourish. We will offer you support in all your placements and offer excellent rates so that you will always feel like an important member of the team.

Whether you’re a supply teacher looking for work in London or a school looking for supply teachers of guaranteed quality, get in touch with Red Box Teacher Recruitment Ltd today to find out more about the services we offer.