Early Years Teacher Jobs

Redbox are offering a range of placements in London for early-years teachers. Teaching pupils in the early stages of their lives can be inspiring, fascinating and extremely enjoyable. The ideal teacher for students at this level of education should flourish in an atmosphere built around positive relationships and be capable of dealing with a variety of behavioural challenges.

If you enjoy organising indoor and outdoor activities for children or feel strongly about giving three to five year olds a prosperous start to life, Redbox want you to get in touch. The schools that we work with across London often require exceptional teachers who are capable of working effectively with children in their early years. Having a passion for developing a child’s learning through playtime or through general indoor and outdoor activity is ideal.

Redbox will make sure that your work time is fulfilling during your placement. We also provide you with highly competitive rates to take advantage of for placements in a wide range of London schools. We are proud to be regarded as one of the highest paying agencies in the capital, providing both long-term and day-to-day supply.

Should you have any queries regarding your role as an early-years teacher, Redbox are happy to offer specialist advice should you feel it necessary. We can also offer you with information regarding the location of the school and provide directions straight to your mobile device. Furthermore, our ‘shadow days’ prove an excellent opportunity for teachers to learn more about their designated placement.

We would like to encourage all early-years teachers who are qualified in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States to apply for the early-years placements we have to offer as you will already hold qualified teaching status (QTS). We also encourage those who are qualified in other areas of teaching to apply. Ultimately, we feel passionately about our teachers having an exemplary attitude towards working with young children in the Nursery school environment and look to those who will thrive in an active and joyful atmosphere.

If you feel you match the requirements set forth regarding early years teaching and have not previously registered with us or believe you know someone who might benefit from the placements we have to offer, please call 01932247000.